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Custom artwork makes the best baby shower, wedding, or anniversary gift for your loved ones, as well as a meaningful addition to your own home.
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From Heart to Heart

Ever since I started drawing, I have always loved to create pieces for others as thank you and best wishes gifts. 

Anyone who greatly impacted my life has gotten a special thank you piece of artwork from me, and any friend who has gotten married while knowing me has received a piece made special for them. I fill every piece full of best wishes, love, and gratitude.

If you want to share the same with someone special in your life or add something meaningful to your own home, I am beyond happy to help you create a vision and bring it to life.
Let's Get Started

The Process

  • Step 1: Discovery

    First, we can chat (Zoom/IG/Email etc) so that I can learn:

    1. > What your favorite pieces of mine are
    2. > Where/to whom the piece is going and when it is needed
    3. > Any meanings or symbols you want the piece to include

    Then I can help you decide on some artwork details such as sizing, color preferences, frame preferences etc, and discuss pricing and your budget.

  • Step 2: Finalizing Details

    Next, once I have an understanding of what you are looking for I'll think for a few days and then create a few free mini sketches for you to choose from!

    Once you pick your favorite mini sketch and are sure of your final details decisions, I'll put together a Commission Contract for you to sign.

    1/2 of the payment is due upon signing, the rest is due when the artwork is finished and ready to be shipped out.

  • A note about the mini sketches

    These mini sketches are done for free before signing anything because I understand how difficult it is to imagine what all of the discussed items from before might combine to create. I also need this to make sure that what you're asking for is realistic and ensure that we align on the vision before you spend any money and I spend hours and hours creating anything.

    Plus, often these little mini sketches give me great ideas for your work or future other works!

  • Step 3: The Magic Begins

    Now I'll get to work on creating your custom artwork!

    Throughout the process I'll take pictures and some video to show you how it is going and check in with you to make sure that you love how it is turning out!

    How long it takes will depend on sizing, materials, life, health, etc, but in general nothing should take more than 2-3 weeks (after step 2 is completed and excluding shipping). Of course, I will do my absolute best to fulfill any deadlines you have.

  • Step 4: At Long Last...

    Finally when the drawing is completed I will put a protective sealant on it, frame it, take a nice end result picture of it, and package it up securely to ship off to you.

    I also always include a handwritten card and gift wrap everyone's artwork (even if it's just for you!) to make it extra special when it arrives.

    PLUS swipe to read the new bonus I am now including!

  • New! Free Scanning & Greeting Cards

    A new thing I am offering is free scanning and a free greeting card sized print of your custom artwork that can either be used as a mini portable version (for the office, grandparents, etc) or as a greeting card for any other purpose!

    This way, if you or the recipient wants to use their special artwork as thank you cards, new baby announcement cards, or just have more copies, I'll have a high quality file available for making additional prints. :)

Bring Your Vision to Life

Sizes & Base Pricing

Unless by special request, I offer four standard sizes (of artwork/mat open area):


Small and easy to hang anywhere, my minis are 3"x5" and you will often see me create them in elongated octagonal shapes.


This is my most popular size. At 8"x10" it is still small enough to hang in most spaces without too much thought or difficulty, but big enough to grab attention and become a room feature. 


At 12"x16" these are much larger pieces that usually require some thought into placement, which I am more than happy to help with.


16"x20" is the maximum size I can currently do and includes float framing on archival Japanese mulberry paper. 
All custom artwork includes:

Archival Preservation

All custom artworks are made to last using archival paper and back-matting (when framed with a back mat), archival ink when possible, and then sealed with museum quality anti-UV and anti-moisture sealants.


All Medium and above artwork comes with a free frame that includes acrylic glazing, acid-free top mat, and an archival cotton rag back-mat. Additional options available upon consultation. Minis can also get this treatment or be float framed on glass.

Domestic Shipping

Don't worry about shipping costs so long as you're destination address is domestic in the US!

Local deliveries can even get a significant discount if you are in the greater Seattle area.

NEW: Scanning

All new custom artworks will be professionally scanned so that you can have the option to order high quality prints of your artwork in any size to share with family or friends.

NEW: Printed Card

Get a free Greeting Card sized print of your custom artwork to keep in a second location, use as a thank you card, or share with a loved one.
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