Black Sheep

Year: 2017
Medium: Ink on paper
Size (unframed): 8x10"
Size (framed): 14.25x17.25"
Theme: Overcoming Disappointment
To purchase, contact Miriam either via Instagram @gardenofbirds or email her at hello@thegardenofbirds.com 

"Black Sheep", Mixed media (Iroshizuku "Yamabudo" ink on Tomoe
River paper and white gel ink on black paper) protected with an
archival varnish, 2017, 8"x10", $150

TW: Homophobia 

When the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast came out in 2017, I was still living with my parents right after college, and I overheard my stepdad banning my younger brothers from seeing the movie purely because Gaston's sidekick had a crush on him and that was too explicit for my teenage brothers.

I was furious, but since I was still relying on my parents for support right after college, I was also powerless to even express how upset this made me. So at night, I took every photo of myself handing everywhere downstairs and destroyed them all (it was never noticed or at least commented on) and drew "Black Sheep", as a way to express fury in a language only I understood and could safely display.

This is the only piece I have where the bird is inversed, drawn in white ink on black paper.